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See Further down for extra Prescription help!

Medicare Plans

For Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans , it is a good idea to visit with Tim about what each covers and how. They are vastly different. As different as Apples and Mushrooms! Tim can help you understand these differences so you can choose what is best for you! We carry a real wide range of products and can find one that will suit your needs in the county you live.

Major Medical Insurance Sites!

You can purchase a Non Exhange Individual plan from one of the links below.

I cannot stress enough. CALL me with questions. You may qualify for more than one subsidy! There may even be reasons for you to go through the exchange even if you DON"T qualify for Tax credits at this time.

If you need extra help with Prescriptions , Holler at me!  I now have several ways to help with expensive prescriptions!

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